Our TTC Journey

May 2006: Removed Nuvaring and officially started to TTC

September 2007: Decided to go for medical assistance with TTC. OB/GYN did annual exam as well as fertility workup. Doctor did an internal ultrasound as well as bloodwork. Internal ultrasound showed very thin lining as well as immature and limited amount of follicles. Bloodwork confirmed that I have PCOS with IR. Doctor started me on 500mg of Metformin Q D. Scheduled HSG at start of next cycle.

October 2007: HSG complete. Painful but good news. Everything is nice and open, dye flowed freely. Uterus is right shape and position. Cervix is tilted. Doctor orders 850mg Metformin Q D.

November 2007: Start Clomid 100MG CD 5-9. Ovulation on CD 17.

December 2007: Start Clomid 150MG CD 5-9. Ovulation on CD 16. Intense pain from left ovary area. Doctor has me come in for internal u/s. 1.5 cm cyst has developed. Given pain medication. Decision not to remove cyst due to it being very small. HCG Beta done 2dpo. (.73)

January 2008: Start Clomid 150MG CD 5-9. DH will have SA on January 1. I will go in for internal u/s on CD 12 and if enough follicles are present will have HCG Trigger shot. On CD 14 will go in for IUI. Went in on CD12 no mature follicles seen, Came back in on CD14 still no mature follicles seen, No IUI this cycle.
1st SA: Vol. .75, Count 23mil, Motility 70%, Progression 3, Viscosity 3, WBC 7mil, PH 7.8, Strict Morphology 10%. DH’ Placed on 6wk regimen of Cipro to clear up WBC.

Feb 2008: No Clomid due to waiting for results of second SA (Feb 25)

2nd SA: Vol 1, Count 24 mil, Motility 55%, Viscosity 3, WBC 10 mil, PH 7.6, Strict Morphology 4% Refered to a Urologist. Urologist suggested prescribed Cipro x 30 days and then a re SA.

April 2008: DH on Cipro BID x 30 days

May 6, 2008: 3rd SA

May 16, 2008 SA results:

Vol 1, Count 30 mil, Motility 54%, Viscosity 2, WBC 9 Mil, PH 6.8, Strict Morphology 4%. IVF with ICSI recommended as only way of conception

June 5th BFP with FMU on a CB digital test, BFP in afternoon on a CB digital test as well as a store brand two line test.

June 6th BFP in the afternoon with a CB digital test. OB/GYN appointment set for June 9, 2008. They will have me POAS. If the line on that is dark then we will schedule a 6wk OB exam. If it isn’t dark they will draw blood for a beta and when that comes back positive, will schedule a 6 wk OB exam.

30 PM

30 PM

Update: We had our first son Edwin Feb 13, 2009. We got our second BFP Feb 15,  2010 and had our second son Evan October 24, 2010.


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