Our Life….

Let’s see, My husband and I met when we were in junior high school. He was geeky and I was in band. We had the same circle of friends during that time, however we didn’t date until the summer of our 10th grade year. I got bold and asked him out. Well things didn’t work out and we ended our relationship by 11th grade. We didn’t end up even seeing each other again until 12th grade graduation (1995). My school graduated before his and we met in the corridor between graduations. After graduation I went to a college that was two hours from where we live. We didn’t speak to each other again until I moved back home for my second year of college (1996). We found each other online. Talked for a bit then he fell off the face of the earth. So our paths cross once more in 2005 was taking my nephew to a VBS and as it turns out it was at the church my husband goes to. So we end up dating again and Feburary 10, 2006 he proposed to me and we got married on August 21, 2006. Since then we have tried to have a child with no luck. I have placed information about our TTC journey on another page.
I am currently 31 and my husband is 30. I graduated with my AAS in Paralegal Studies in 2005. I am employed at The Orange Grove Center. I am a Supported Living Live in Companion. While this position has absolutely nothing to do with my degree I absolutely love what I do. Not only do I enjoy working with the client I live with but this position will also allow me to be with my children when I finally do have them.

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