It’s time!

I don’t know if I ever mentioned on my blog that I had RNY (a type of gastric bypass) done several years ago.  At first I did wonderfully with it. I stuck to the rules. Protein first, no drinks with meals, eating only what I could eat in 20 minutes. I was going to the gym 5 days a week. Three days cardio, two days weight training. In one year I lost 150lbs. I kept it off another year. Then I fell out of my routine.  I got married and stopped going to the gym. I then stopped following the rules. Including snacking on junk. I gained 50lbs during the first year of our marriage. We have now been married 6 years and I’ve gained another 30 lbs over the last five years. Yes, in six years I’ve gained 80 lbs. It has sucked to see this happen. My job has a wellness program that has a dietician come to our business and we have a 6 wk weight loss challenge. So this time around I signed up for it. I met with the dietician before the first meeting and we set out a plan. I’m on a 1300 calorie diet pushing protein. I’m also working on increasing my exercise. Right now I’m doing walking. I’m trying to get 20 minutes a day.  The wellness program has also started their fall walking program. I signed up for this also. The person with the greatest increase in steps at the end of the program will get a prize.  As of right now I have had a 69% increase in my steps.  The first week I lost 2 lbs. The second week I lost 7lbs. Week three I gained 5lbs back.four just ended and I lost 3lbs.


Summer 2012

March 2008

Me July 2006

2005 (1 yr post op)

Day of surgery March 2004



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