Church Family???

I don’t typically post about politics or religion. However, something has happened at the church I attend and it has had me really thinking about things. Granted to a lot of members at this church my family and I are “new” members. We just started attending this church again a few years ago.  What they don’t know though is I had started attending this church when I was 5 years old and attended there until I was approximately 15 or 16 years old. So you could say I was basically raised in this church. The members of the church at that time and the ones that were still there I consider family. It tugs at my heart that recent events have made it to where many of these members have decided to no longer attend. I returned to this church when I began having my family because of how close members were. We were attending a local “big” church and I didn’t like it. It’s not where I wanted my children to grow up attending. I didn’t want them to be lost in a sea of strangers. One of the arguments for the exodus was that what people were wanting was needed to keep and bring “young” families here at the church. That the church needs to be “revitalized”! That if this wasn’t going to happen they were leaving. Do you know how childish this all sounds? It reminds me of a child gathering up all their toys because others weren’t playing the way they wanted them to play. The opposite of what you are arguing you want to happen has happened. There are many of us that didn’t see the reason you were so passionate about what you wanted. Why not try to convince those of us that oppose it instead of just “packing your toys and leaving”? I have honestly considered not attending church anymore. There is way too much tension. Too much gossiping and talking behind others backs. I guess Pastor Harper was right when he said “The place you will find the most hypocrites is in the pews of a church”


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