House Party

After I posted yesterday I got to thinking. I’ve never mentioned house party on my blog before so those that do follow my blog might not have any idea as to what it’s all about. is a site that you sign up with. They have various sponsors that are looking for people to host parties to promote their items.  You fill out an application for each party that you are interested in. Then once the applications close they go through the applicants and see who fits best for what the sponsor is looking for.  I have been signed up with house party since 2008 and have hosted 7 parties. For each of the parties the host is sent a party box, has a party site on house party, as well as sponsor site with ideas for your party.  The party boxes vary but they will either have the product that is being promoted or coupons for the promoted item.  The coupons usually have a set for the host (items free or at a significant discount) and a set for the party guests that have a discount on the promoted item. They also have little trinkets to send home with guests. Your party site on house party has where you can upload pictures from your party. You can also send invitations to your party from it as well as manage your guest list there.  There are several party applications that are currently open on the site right now. One of the big ones is the Halloween Monster Party 2011. They will be accepting applications for this one until October 4th. So check out  #monsterhouseparty or #Halloween House Party if you are interested. You can also go to Party On!!!

Here are some pictures from they #Halloween House Partyparty I was asked to host.


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