Our second miracle is on his/her way.

Well  our second miracle is on it’s way. So much for the fertility “specialists”. Don’t get me wrong we are absolutely ecstatic. I just keep thinking back to when I received the results from the fertility clinic and read the words “no chance of natural conception”. Who would think that those 5 words would throw someone into such a emotional roller coaster as they did. I wonder how many others were told the same and had their hearts broke or their dreams shattered by those exact words? I understand that medicine isn’t exact, yet they give exact answers. I have contacted a local midwife that has birth suites in her home. My consult with her is next week. I really hope that she feels that I am a good candidate for her services. I absolutely do not want to have this baby in the hospital. Guess the next 9 months will be blog updates about this pregnancy. 🙂 I also hope to keep Edwin’s blog updated. (we shall see)


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2 responses to “Our second miracle is on his/her way.

  1. kvonhard

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I couldn’t be happier to see someone have a second kidlet. 😀 You GO girl!

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