OK Doctor’s don’t know everything….

For those of you who read my TTC page on wordpress know that I was recently told by our one and only fertility center that my husband and I would only conceive a child via IVF with ICSI. Well while it is not official yet ( I go POAS on Monday at the doctor’s office) I got a BFP on Thursday and Friday. So it got me thinking. Everything was ok with DH’s SA except for the WBC and the Morphology. So let’s say we take what they said and only 4% of his swimmers are shapped correctly. With a count of 30 mil that still makes 1.2 milion swimmers that are of right shape. I think those are pretty good odds. I mean heck only one has to get in right?? I wonder how many people that had the money to go forward with ART procedures did and more than likely didn’t have to. I know if we had that kind of money we sure as heck would have been on that wagon. Okies I’m going to go work on my nephew’s afgahan. Yes the one I started months ago 🙂 TC and I will update on Monday afternoon. *huggles*

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